President Trump wants to make America safer, keeping our enemies out with a new Immigration Restriction Order. He is under attack, as expected.

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By sending this statement to all Congress women and men, in both houses, we send them a clear message to support President Trump's Executive Order to protect our nation. The order affects eight nations which fail to maintain even minimum vetting, refuse to cooperate with U.S. officials or harbor terrorists.

President Trump's NEW Executive Order will be challenged by misguided attorneys general, judges and most of the Mainstream Media.

ENOUGH Is enough!

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You may think you understand the President's policy - but you may be misinformed!



STOP apologizing for protecting our fellow citizens NOW. (learn more)

  • Those who attacked President Trump's initial Executive Order regarding a temporary immigration pause and enhanced vetting of those coming to the United States - including some in Congress, the mainstream media and groups that make money bringing refugees into the United States or encourage illegal immigration - seem to be on the wrong side of safeguarding the safety of all Americans. We simply cannot safely maintain an open door to people from other, potentially or actually hostile countries about whom we know very little, often thanks to the dangerous, corrupt or conflict-ridden reality of their native countries.

  • The security of all American citizens, regardless of their ethnicity, must be paramount and never waived in an effort to be "politically correct" - especially where doing so would favor individuals or groups who bear ill-will for our citizens.

  • These immigrant apologists need to stand down from their un-American attacks, and stand up for the citizens of our great land.

The most important job for our leaders in Washington, D.C., is getting AHEAD of terrorist threats by any and all means. Just do it. (learn more)

  • The oath of office requires our leaders to protect our form of government and people against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  • Some Senators claim they are defending the Constitution in their attacks on President Trump's immigration pause Executive Order. But by enabling more people to come here who want to replace our Constitution they are not protecting religious freedom; they are enabling threats to all our freedoms, including religious liberty.

  • President Trump's Executive Order regarding a temporary immigration pause from six countries and enhanced vetting is not a "Muslim Ban" or a "religious test." (learn more)

  • The words "Muslim" or "Islam" do not appear anywhere in the order concerning the six affected countries. In fact, Muslims have continued to enter the United States from all other nations. The six countries whose immigration has been paused make up only a fraction of the Muslim population worldwide, so how on earth does that constitute a Muslim Ban? The simple answer is, it doesn't.

  • There is no language in President Trump's Executive Order about religion or a requirement to screen immigrants based on their religion. The only screening is done to eliminate people who do things or believe they are obliged to do things that are illegal in the United States, like replacing our constitutional republic with Sharia law, honor killings and murdering homosexuals.

  • President Trump's new Executive Order is a much-needed and long overdue strengthening of President Obama's actions in 2015 regarding six countries of concern, given their history of ties to terrorism. (learn more)

  • It is good national security policy. The one indisputable point about this order is that it can help make America safer, even if prevents just one jihadist entering our country.

  • It is legal and constitutional.

  • It requires that refugees and immigrants must share our values. From the Executive Order: "In order to protect Americans, the United States must ensure that those admitted to this country do not bear hostile attitudes toward it and its founding principles."

  • It helps enable the development and institution of enhanced vetting.

  • The Congressional Research Service issued a report in January 2017 on Executive Authority to Exclude Aliens. It concluded that the authority of the President is not limited and has been upheld by the courts in every challenge and used extensively to suspend immigration: 19 times by President Obama, 6 by George Walker Bush, 12 by Clinton, once by George Herbert Walker Bush and five by Reagan. President Trump is using the same authority and his order to preserve our national security must be upheld.

    According to the New York Times, terrorists are entering countries, posing as refugees.

    Finally, as we all learned at an early age, it is BETTER TO BE SAFE, THAN SORRY.



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